LIVE in Johannesburg

My Fiction Plane
Dias de Verão
Duas Marias
In Orbit [feat. Marcus Wyatt]

℗ 2015 Ekaya

“He was amazed by the total silence (you could hear a pin drop) during his solo performance, but perhaps no more than the audience, by his amazing technique, impressive changes of tempo, delicate contrasts of light and shade, an rhythmically solid left hand.”

Gwen Ansell (Business Day)

“It has become, however, very clear, that PLINT is not simply a Latin jazz band: the compositions of the pianist have an unusual complexity in this area and the virtuosity of their improvisations carry them even further, not to mention the poetic verve of this musician who now lives in Portugal and which is unexpectedly European.”

“Comprehensive training pianist, with a dynamic that gripped the audience by its vigorous sophistication.” (MIMO Amarante concert review)
Leonardo Lichote (0 GLOBO)

” The brilliant piano by Pablo Lapidusas (and his trio P.L.I.N.T), with Live in Johannesburg”.

Nuno Rogeiro (Revista Sábado)