Pianist, composer, producer and pedagogue (Argentina / Brazil). Bachelor of Music from Campinas State University (Unicamp) and Master of Jazz Performance at the Lisbon Superior School of Music (ESML), where he currently lives.

From 1990 to 2008 (when he released his first album in his own name), he performed alongside some big names in recordings, tours and TV&Radio programs in over 28 countries: Hermeto Pascoal, César Camargo Mariano, Edu Lobo, Hamilton de Holanda, Maria João, Quarteto em Cy, Marcelo D2, Eugene Friesen, Ehud Ettun, Victor Biglione, Carlos Malta, I Montreal Musici, Marcus Wyatt, Jimmy Dludlu, among others.


With four albums released – 2 solo and 2 with the project “PLINT” – Pablo Lapidusas International Trio (Pianist’s first non-solo work and produced by Joni Schwalbach), Pablo prepares the fifth album – “Umbigo”, a solo project recorded in Italy in 2019 be released in 2020 by Ekaya record label.


In 2019, in addition to the solo and trio concerts, the premiere of a new project with symphony orchestra. This concert, with original songs of the trio, have the arrangments signed by some of the greatest arrangers from Brazil, Israel and Portugal, including Jaques Morelembaum.

In addition to being a performer, Pablo has an intense activity as a teacher, teaching classes and masterclasses in Portugal, Brazil, Italy, India, Argentina and Israel.



“He was amazed by the total silence (you could hear a pin drop) during his solo performance, but perhaps no more than the audience, by his amazing technique, impressive changes of tempo, delicate contrasts of light and shade, and rhythmically solid left hand.”

Gwen Ansell – Journalist / Music Critic


“The Path of a Free Citizen of the World (and Music)” Leading “His Borderless and Creatively Piano, which resulted in new, though well-known and healthfully difficult to catalog, fingerprinting from stimuli of a diverse artistic background “.

Antonio Carlos Miguel – Journalist / music critic


“Pablo Lapidusas and his trio” P.L.I.N.T “are brilliant”.                                                     

Nuno Rogeiro – Journalist / music critic.


“In any case, it is very clear that the Pablo Lapidusas International Trio is not simply a Latin jazz band: the pianist compositions have an unusual complexity in this respect and the virtuosity of their improvisations carry them even further, not to mention. refer to the poetic verve of this musician who now lives in Portugal and is unexpectedly European “.

Jazz.pt magazine

“Comprehensive piano player with a dynamic that has held the audience for his vigorous sophistication.”

Leonardo Lichote – Journalist and music critic.

“Bora” offers in each of its nine tracks a careful work of composition that unites energy, lyricism, and diverse musical references in a sometimes dizzying but always coherent succession. “

Time Out Magazine.

“His compositions are extremely rich, the result of enormous devotion and passion.”

Edu Lobo – Composer

“Unique breathing and interpretation and brilliant technique are strong features of this young but mature composer”

Jornal do Brasil