Pablo Lapidusas

Agenda / Tour

Jan 13

Lançamento do "PIANO WORKS I" - Solo
Teatro Municipal de Portimão

Jan 19

Hot Club de Portugal - Solo + P.L.I.N.T

Fev 01

ISRAEL DEBUT - Mitzpe Ramon Jazz Club
Pablo Lapidusas and Ehud Ettun

Fev 03

Tel Aviv - Shablul Jazz Club
Pablo Lapidusas and Ehud Ettun

Fev 05

Workshop - High School

Fev 07

"internal compass"- Workshop -15h

Fev 07

Concerto Solo - Harmonia Cultural Centre


Abbey Road Solo Session

Live in CCC - Portugal

P.L.I.N.T - Pablo Lapidusas International Trio ( Teaser)


P.L.I.N.T - Live in Johannesburg

Discografia / Discography

Estrangeiro - Pablo Lapidusas Solo (2013)

Estrangeiro - Pablo Lapidusas Solo

Ouriço - Piano Solo (2011)

Ouriço - Piano Solo

Press Estrangeiro

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Press Ouriço

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Joko (2013)

Marcelo D2 - Nada pode me parar

Marcelo D2 - Nada pode me parar (2013)

Sergio Beck - Nothing to Lose

Sergio Beck - Nothing to Lose (2012)

O melhor moderna brasileira Jazz vol. 1

O melhor moderna brasileira Jazz vol. 1 (2011)

O melhor moderna brasileira Jazz vol. 2

O melhor moderna brasileira Jazz vol. 2 (2011)

Instrumental Brazil vol. 4

Instrumental Brazil vol. 4 (2011)

Atsuko Kitayama - Amizade

Atsuko Kitayama - Amizade (2009)

Jorge Ailton - O ano 1

Jorge Ailton - O ano 1 (2009)

Marcelo D2 - A arte do barulho

Marcelo D2 - A arte do barulho (2008)

Pedro Paulo de Leoni por Pablo Lapidusas - Canção do entardecer

Pedro Paulo de Leoni por Pablo Lapidusas - Canção do entardecer (2008)

Bena Lobo - Sábado ao vivo

Bena Lobo - Sábado ao vivo (2008)

Jimmy Dludlu - Portrait

Jimmy Dludlu - Portrait (2007)

Eric Chang - Sol Latino

Eric Chang - Sol Latino (2006)

Bena Lobo - Sábado

Bena Lobo - Sábado (2006)

Songbook João Bosco

Songbook João Bosco (2003)

Ramon Montagner - Boyya

Ramon Montagner - Boyya (2000)

Press Release

Buenos Aires native, Pablo Lapidusas began his piano studies in Brazil as a child and obtained a bachelor's degree in music at the State University of Campinas (Unicamp) and a master's degree in Jazz Performance jazz at the Superior Lisbon School of Music (ESML), the city where currently resides. During the last decade, and whilst living in Rio de Janeiro, he has performed at concerts and recordings alongside artists of MPB and Brazilian instrumental scene. In 2005 he debuted at Cecilia Meireles Hall (Rio de Janeiro), presenting with Canadian orchestra I Musici de Montreal, under the baton of Russian conductor Yuli Turovsky. In 2006, he joined the band of Brazilian rapper Marcelo D2, recording two albums and performing more than 450 shows in 20 countries, performing at major festivals - Montreux Jazz Festival, Hollywood Bowl, Summer Stage - NY , Rock in Rio, Lollapalooza, Roskilde, Nice Jazz Festival, Pori Jazz Festival, Back to Black, among many others. "Ouriço" (Delira, 2008), his debut album, had excellent reviews in the Brazilian press and included guest appearances by Hermeto Pascoal and Carlos Malta. In the same year, it was presented in Piano Solo Festival (Rio de Janeiro), along with the Brazilian pianist Cesar Camargo Mariano, who later invited Pablo to end the concert with him. His second album - "Estrangeiro" (Ekaya / Kalamata, 2013), was an ambitious project recorded in Buenos Aires, Rio de Janeiro, Los Angeles, Lisbon, Maputo and London, in the anthology Studio 2 at Abbey Road. This project was produced by João Carlos Schwalbach and like its predecessor, received excellent reviews. Of "Estrangeiro", the Brazilian journalist and music critic Antonio Carlos Miguel wrote: "The trajectory of a free citizen of the world (and music) guiding the piano without borders and with creativity, which results in new interpretations, both well-known and difficult to categorise, leaving a fingerprint that comes from the stimulus of his diverse artistic training. " In 2015, Pablo released "Live in Johannesburg" (Ekaya). The project, a trio (the pianist's first work away from the solo format), was once again produced by John Carlos Schwalbach and recorded live (CD / DVD) in "The Orbit" during a South African tour. His performance impressed the South African journalist Gwen Ansell; "He was amazed by the total silence (you could hear a pin drop) during his solo performance, but perhaps no more than the audience, by his amazing technique, impressive changes of tempo, delicate contrasts of light and shade, and rhythmically solid left hand." The project also yielded an invitation to perform at Jazzahead 2016 (Germany), as one of 16 projects to represent the European instrumental music in 2016. That same year will tour by Brazil, India, Argentina, Korea, South Africa, Germany and Portugal . As well as a performer, Pablo is extensively active as a professor, conducting lessons and masterclasses in Portugal, Brazil, India and Argentina.